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Remove VantageAdvisor Mac Virus

What Is VantageAdvisor Mac Virus?   VantageAdvisor is a search engine that directs users to fake versions of popular sites such as eBay, Amazon, and Yahoo. The fake search results then ask victims to download viruses on their Macs in exchange for these fake websites....


How to Remove ReplayInfo Mac Virus

What is ReplayInfo Mac Virus?   ReplayInfo is a type of browser hijacker that is specifically aimed at Safari browsers on MacOS. It’s spread by potentially unwanted programs and adware that could be downloaded from third-party sites. It hijacks the most popular browsers on Macs,...

remove search1.me mac virus

Remove search1.me Mac Browser Hijacker

What Is search1.me Mac Virus? Search1.me is like a crazy parasite that wreaks havoc on your Mac System. It not only alters the default search engine and homepage of the system, but also injects malicious adverts and other suspicious content into web pages. There is...

remove elvenlegend mac virus

How to Remove ElvenLegend Mac Virus

ElvenLegend is a malicious piece of code. It’s usually attached to a Trojan named “Google Chrome for Mac OS X Downloader”. It also spreads through Flash, PDF and iWork files. It’s main purpose is to cause constant unwanted pop-up ads which can lead to potentially...

remove shore creative mac virus

How to Remove ShoreCreative Mac Virus

What Is ShoreCreative Mac Virus? ShoreCreative is an adware that targets Mac devices and delivers advertisements to users’ browsers. Once installed, ShoreCreative will redirect URLs and display advertisements. This program will redirect URLs from search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo! and other websites to...