The Name of the Upcoming macOS 10.15

George Herman
George Herman
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With just four days left until WWDC 2019 begins on June 3, users all around the world are eager to see if their wishes have been heard by Apple and put into account for the upcoming tech and OS launches. Many things are expected to be revealed at the Conference, with macOS 10.15 being one of them.

Since 2013’s OS X Mavericks, Apple appeared to take a liking into California-related names for its Mac operation system. And, by the look of it, the company is trying to secure these California-based names by filing for trademarks under various shell companies, aiming to mask their true identity.

It’s come under the attention of MacRumors, that 19 trademarks were applied for under six companies that appear to be Apple shell companies. Some of these names have been used by Apple – Yosemite, Sierra and Mojave being among them, while the rest remain unused.

Since then, five years have passed and many of the names have been abandoned. The four names that remain active are Mammoth, Monterey, Rincon and Skyline.

Reports claim that the trademark application for Mammoth which has been delayed for many years, was finally approved earlier this May. This fact rise speculations that the new macOS will bear the name Mammoth. However, the names Monterey, Rincon and Skyline have also been rumored as names that Apple takes under consideration. There’s even doubt that the new OS will continue with the numeral 10.15. The majority of users expect Apple to finally move on to macOS 11 (XI).

But will any of this come out to be true? Or is Apple preparing something else entirely? We’ll find out in just a few more days at the WWDC 2019. Until then, keep an eye on this page for more Mac news!

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