The Launch of New 16-inch MacBook Pro Moved for 2021

George Herman
George Herman
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Apple users worldwide were expecting a new MacBook to hit the shelves at stores this year. Sadly, the latest reports suggest that a new edition to the MacBook Pro line will arrive no sooner than 2021.

It was widely believed that the 16-inch laptop will be introduced at the WWDC this June. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo made and published a forecast of unannounced Apple hardware that are set to be released this year. A brand new 16-inch MacBook Pro was among these predictions.

The expected laptop is said to have up to a 16.5-inch screen, minimal bezels, improved flat design and Face ID. According to sources, we’ll have to wait for two more years until the MacBook is released.

Although Apple’s reasons to postpone the launch of the Pro model laptop are still unclear, there is no lack of theories. The most popular being:

  • unsatisfactory design;

  • widely unavailable chipset;

  • inability to find solution to the keyboard problem that has been a popular topic for quite a while now.

Among Kuo’s predictions is also a 13-inch MacBook Pro with double the maximum RAM configurations, making it a whooping max of 32GB of RAM. It is still unclear whether or not the postponement will apply for this model as well.

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