Screen Time Feature of macOS 10.15 Rumored to Have Ambitious Design

George Herman
George Herman
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Following the rumor that a number of iOS features are coming to the Mac this year, the concept of the Screen Time ambitious design slipped through.

Having heard the latest suggestions, the famous designer Jacob Grozian tried to imagine what Screen Time might look like on the Mac when macOS 10.15 is launched.

Though, when compared to others’ expectations, the Grozian’s concept about the new Screen Time for macOS looks rather optimistic.

According to a report on the website, the Screen Time will be just a panel in the System Preferences application. Yet, it will be interesting to see the Screen Time integration with all the aspects of macOS.

In Jacob Grozian’s Screen Time concept, there is a breakdown of categories along the left-hand side – including summary, reading, productivity, social networking, etc.

This concept also includes some familiar features from the iOS version of Screen Time, as well as a nice chart of day-by-day use.

Additionally, the concept shows Screen Time on the Mac featuring Downtime that locks use for a specified time every day. There is also App Limits, Restrictions, etc.

However, the most peculiar thing in this conception is probably the Screen Time button in the menu bar. There, you can see your Screen Time data for that day, breakdown categories, and applications. If you set a limit, you can check how close you are to that limit for a certain day.

The macOS Screen Time faces competition from plenty of third-party time tracking applications. However, its native integration with macOS, might make it a preferable option for some users, especially if they use Screen Time on iPhone and iPad.

Apart from the expected iOS features on Mac, the upcoming launch of macOS 10.15 is suggested to expand the Apple Watch capabilities, add apps for Podcasts and Music, and other macOS innovations.

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