New iOS 13.2 and iPadOS 13.2 Bug Enrages Apple Users

George Herman
George Herman
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Since the official release of iOS 13, a number of users reported some worrying problems, regarding the new update. We have to say, the very fact that Apple released the iOS 13.1 beta version before the actual launch of iOS 13, should have been a huge warning sign that something is not quite right with the new software update.

Even though the update issues don’t seem to affect every single user, it is quite worrying to see so many enraged users voicing their concerns. Among the numerous reported problems with iOS 13 are the Ultra Wideband update error, as well as the serious battery drainage.

While some users claim their poor battery life improved a bit with the 13.2 update, there’s now another bug that makes users annoyed with their iPhone and iPad devices.

Here’s the problem: you open an app, do some kind of work on it, and then switch to another app. The issue emerges when you return to the first app – some users report that they lose their progress when switching between apps, making multitasking on both the iPhone and iPad a real pain.

Multitasking has become a basic feature, which improves user’s overall experience. With Apple trying to promote their iPad as a replacement for a laptop, this bug is a huge embarrassment. To be honest, iOS was never good when it came to multitasking between applications, but since the iOS 13.2 update, it reached a new level.

So far, Apple has not addressed the issue, or provided a solution to it. This makes users hesitant to update to iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, and with good reason.

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