New Icon Options for HomeKit Lights and Plugs Added to macOS Catalina Home App

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The latest macOS beta features a little surprise for all HomeKit users – brand new icon options for HomeKit lights, smart outlets, and fans.

Considering the fact that these icons are only present in the Mac Home app, it looks like macOS Catalina beta 6 includes a newer build of the Home app than the one that is featured on iPhone and iPad with iOS 13 beta 7.

The Home app lets you choose from several different icons to represent certain accessories. In case you need more details, check out the following tutorial.

Alongside the latest Catalina release, and most probably a forthcoming beta seed of iOS and iPadOS, there are six additional choices for smart light icons – an icon which looks like a square desk lamp, a ceiling alcove light, a LED strip, a vertical light bar, a chandelier, and a larger flood light.

In addition, Apple has added new icons for outlets and smart plugs to resemble many different plug shapes from all over the world. These include pictures which represent US, European, and UK-style plugs.

There is also another new icon in the set of fans that depicts a tower standing fan, joining the existing ceiling fan and desk fan options.

Photo Credits: 9to5mac

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