macOS Catalina Beta 3 Adds a Beautiful ‘Drift’ Screensaver

George Herman
George Herman
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Despite the fact that Apple doesn’t change up the stock screensaver selection in macOS often, the new Beta 3 of macOS Catalina comes with a brand new screensaver option, called ‘Drift’.

The beautiful screensaver represents a multi-colored 3D array of light trails, with each particle moving in a wavy motion.

The new screensaver is rendered by the GPU on-the-fly and it includes a few different color theme options.

Mac users can choose from a range of tones, including colors based off of their desktop wallpaper, as well as ‘Space Gray’, ‘Silver’ and the rainbow ‘Spectrum’.

Beta 3 of macOS Catalina was released on Wednesday.

As previously announced, macOS Catalina will be launched this fall and it features new Music, TV and Podcasts apps replacing iTunes; Sidecar external display options; Screen Time; Find My; etc.

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