MAC.OSX.MacSweeper Removal

George Herman
George Herman
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What is MAC.OSX.MacSweeper

MAC.OSX.MacSweeper is a potentially unwanted application (PUA) that enters your Mac without your permission. Such programs infiltrate your computer bundled with other software or fake downloads which you install onto the system. However, due to the fact that these programs come from unknown sources and are considered as not reliable, you’d better remove them from your Mac as soon as possible.

How is MAC.OSX.MacSweeper distributed

As already mentioned above, MAC.OSX.MacSweeper usually enters your computer when you update or install a certain program onto the system. This could be the Flash Player, for instance. While you’re updating it, MAC.OSX.MacSweeper infiltrates your Mac without asking for your permission.

Despite the fact that PUAs are not particularly dangerous, they can flood your web browser with numerous ads and pop-ups and significantly slow down the performance of your Mac.

The main purpose of the unwanted applications is to generate profit for their creators by showing intrusive adverts and useless pop-up notifications.

Do not fall into this trap to open any of the ads you see as they come from not legitimate websites and may seriously threaten your online security!

How do you know if your Mac is infected with MAC.OSX.MacSweeper

If your Mac starts acting strange, or your web browser gets flooded with numerous advertisements and pop-ups, you’d better scan the system for viruses immediately. Also, if you have installed new software recently, you have to be aware that MAC.OSX.MacSweeper might have infiltrated your computer without your knowledge, so you should remove the PUA as soon as it’s detected.

How to avoid installation of MAC.OSX.MacSweeper

To avoid installing PUAs onto your Mac, we advise you to download free software from developers’ websites only and pay close attention to the installation process. Don’t trust Torrent websites or pop-up ads asking you to update software because they could easily deceive you. Also, make sure that you have installed a reliable anti-virus software onto your Mac to keep it safe at all times.

Remove MAC.OSX.MacSweeper manually

  1. Hold the ⇧+⌘+U keys simultaneously to open Utilities. Another way is to click on “Go” and then click “Utilities”.
  2. Go to Activity Monitor and double-click on it.
  3. Search for any suspicious processes in the Activity Monitor and if you find any, choose the “Force Quit” option to quit the process completely.
  4. Press the “Go” button again, but this time select Applications. Another way is with the ⇧+⌘+A buttons.
  5. Search for any suspicious app or an app with a name, similar or identical to

    MAC.OSX.MacSweeper in the Applications menu, and if you find such, right-click on it and select “Move to Trash”.

  6. Select Accounts and click on the Login Items preference. You will see a list of items that start automatically when you log in. If you see any suspicious apps identical or similar to MixBuilder, check the app you want to stop from running automatically and select on the Minus (““) icon to hide it.
  7. Remove any left-over files that might be related to this threat manually by following the steps below:
  • Go to Finder.
  • Type the name of the app that you want to remove in the Search bar.
  • Above the search bar change the two drop down menus to “System Files” and “Are Included” to see all the files associated with the application you want to remove.
  • If all the files are related, hold the ⌘+A buttons to select them and drag them to “Trash”.


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