Luna Display Adds Mac-to-Mac Mode to Turn Any Mac into a Secondary Display

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Luna Display, which lets your iPad to be used as a secondary display to your Mac, is now expanding with a new Mac-to-Mac mode. This means that you can turn your Mac as the secondary display for another Mac.

Here’s how Luna describes the new feature:

Our all-new Mac-to-Mac Mode allows you to use any Mac as a second display. Finally, you can give purpose to your old Macs lying around! No need to have any idle devices. The combinations are nearly endless.”

For example, you could use a MacBook as a secondary display for your iMac. Or, in case you have a Mac mini, you could use your MacBook as its main display.

These are the compatibility requirements to make the Mac-to-Mac mode possible:

  • The Primary Mac requires macOS 10.11 El Capitan or later
  • The Secondary Mac requires macOS 10.8 Mountain Lion or later
  • You will need the latest version of Luna Display on all devices. Free download available here:
  • Internet connection is necessary as USB is only supported for Mac-to-iPad Mode at this time

Luna Display’s solution features a full keyboard, trackpad, and mouse support on both Macs.

To use Mac-to-Mac mode, you need to purchase a Luna Display dongle which plugs into the second Mac. USB-C and DisplayPort options are available for $69.99 each.

Luna Display got popular as an opportunity to use an iPad as a secondary display to a Mac. This option was introduced by Apple together with macOS Catalina, which adds the Sidecar feature for natively using your iPad as an external display.

“With all of the hype around Sidecar, one of the biggest gripes we’ve heard is that it only works with a limited range of Mac models,” wrote Luna Display co-founder Giovanni Donelli in an email.

“That got us thinking about how we can push Luna Display to bring even more value to our Mac devices.”

Apart from Luna Display, Apple has a feature named Target Display Mode allowing late 2009 to mid-2014 iMacs to be used as an external display for another Mac.

The complete step-by-step instructions on how to set up Mac-to-Mac mode have been published on the company’s website.

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