How to fix a corrupted disk on Mac using Disk Utility

George Herman
George Herman
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One of the many uses of the Mac Disk Utility is to fix your startup disk. In this article we’ll explain how you can repair a disk using Disk Utility on Mac.

How does it work? If you suspect that there is an issue with an external device or a Mac drive, you can check if that’s true by using the First Aid feature in Disk Utility.

1. Restart your device and run Disk Utility.
Here is a detailed guide on How to run Disk Utility in Recovery Mode.

2. Choose View > Show All Devices.

3. From the sidebar, select the device you think you have a problem with.

4. You must then click on the First Aid button.

5. Disk Utility will start checking every partition of the selected disk. Bear in mind that if you select a single volume, Disk Utility will only scan this particular volume. Be patient, since this process may take a while.

6. Disk Utility will attempt to fix any problems your disk may have, if any even existed in the first place.

It is important to note that if Disk Utility is unable to do the necessary repairs or if it thinks that your disk is about to fail, a warning message will be displayed. If the latter applies to you, you will see that Disk Utility has displayed a message that says ‘The underlying task reported failure’. Right after you read this warning, we highly recommend that you backup your data, before the worst happens and you lose your personal information on your device.

If nothing you tried helped you to fix the issue with your disk, it is possible that it’s been damaged and in need of a replacement. You can always turn to an authorized Apple Service place to get it properly checked up and get more information on the problem.

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