How to Delete Your Duplicate iPhoto Library

George Herman
George Herman
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In case you’re using the new Photos application on your Mac instead of the older iPhoto app, most probably there is a duplicate photo library on your hard drive. If this is so, you’d better remove it immediately because it’s tonnes of wasted free space which you could use for something else.

To remove your duplicate iPhoto library, just follow our how to guide below.

First of all, don’t forget to make a backup of your files before deleting your old library! Having a backup is always a good option because you may accidentally delete a photo or a video that you’ll need later. In this case, the back up will solve the issue immediately.

To backup your files, you can use Dropbox or iCloud, or just to keep the files onto an external hard disk you have around. When you’re done with the backup, you can delete the duplicate iPhoto library:

  1. Click on the Photo icon on the Dock of your Mac.
  2. Go to Photos on the left side.
  3. If you see two Photo libraries there, the first one is your old iPhoto Library, and the second is your new Photos library.
  4. Move your iPhoto Library to the Trash folder on your Dock and empty the Trash.

When you check the storage space on your Mac, you will see that after deleting the old iPhoto library, you have more free space available. In case you are on a shared Mac and have multiple user logins, everyone who uses the new version of Photos on this Mac should confirm that they don’t have duplicate libraries either.

Once the old iPhoto library is permanently deleted, the free space onto your Mac drive should increase and you can use it for other useful data you want to store on.


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