Here’s What the New iPhone 12 Might Look Like

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Stunning 2020 iPhone design renders has taken the internet by a storm. The concept is based on rumored information about the Apple device, so it may not be the final look. Nevertheless, it still got users excited for what may come next year.

2020 iPhone Design

Looking at the 2020 iPhone leaks, it appears that Apple has huge plans to redesign the iPhone. PhoneArena has gathered every rumored detail about the future iPhone line and here’s the result – these gorgeous concept design renders:

It seems like Apple is planning to return to the boxier design (as was with the iPhone 4), and even shrink down the notch a bit.

It’s been widely rumored that Apple will abandon the Lightning port and switch to USB-C. Another big change will be the inclusion of 5G in the entire iPhone 12 series. From these renders we can see a fourth camera on the back of the iPhone. While it may look cool to some users, it’s not a change that’s likely to happen, since a ToF sensor is tiny and 3D will come to the primary lens.

iPhone 12 Specs

According to rumors, here’s what changes we can expect to see from Apple:

  • new design;
  • 5G chip;
  • ProMotion Display;
  • USB-C;
  • long-range 3D camera.

2020 iPhone Price

So many changes, but at what cost? The new iPhone is expected to hit new highs. This may be understandable, since 5G phones are seen as premium devices, hence the high price.

If we look at Samsung‘s pricing, their 5G models will cost users $200 – $300 more than the standard models (looking at the Galaxy S10+ 5G and the Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G models respectively).

Since Apple will be a bit late to the 5G wagon and wait till 2020 to release a 5G phone, a price drop for 5G components may occur till then. However, analysts claim that this is highly unlikely to happen.

Speculations or not, these rumored changes got Apple users’ hopes high. Only time will tell if they are true.

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