Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor Trojan Horse

George Herman
George Herman
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What is Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor

Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor is a Trojan Horse that is known to attack Mac OS devices. The virus was discovered by Bitdefender researchers and is listed as a very dangerous Mac threat, since it gives hackers full anonymous access to the infected device.

How it is distributed

The virus is able to spread via a third-party app called EasyDoc Converter. This application claims to be a reliable drag-and-drop file converter. In reality, it is not a useful tool to have, but a plague that you really don’t want to have on your device. Once the victim falls into the malicious trap, the application installs a nasty script on startup, which allows the hackers to gain anonymous access to the user’s Mac.

How it operates

Once the system is penetrated by the Eleanor Trojan Horse, cyber criminals will have full power over it. Meaning, that the creators of this awful virus will be able to do things like, but not limited to modifying files through File Manager, execute various commands, spy on you through iSight or FaceTime webcams, connect the database, have control over all running processes and apps, send emails and files from the name of the hacked user, obtain private information, etc.

Staying safe from Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor

It is reported that Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor Trojan affects only Macs running OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later.

The obvious way to avoid getting your device infected with this dangerous virus, is to not download/install it on your computer.

Keep in mind that it is very likely that Gatekeeper’s security settings will try to warn you about this app when you try to interact with it. However, some users are known to be too careless and decide to skip reading the warning pop-up, by manually opening the app through System Preferences > Security & Privacy. Do not make the same mistake! Never skip messages that pop up on your screen. Read diligently and trust only licensed and reliable software products.

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