Avast Free Mac Security Review

George Herman
George Herman
IT Security Expert

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For a long time now, Mac users believed that their devices are immune to virus attack of any kind. Well, that is just not true. Even the most diligent and careful users can fall into a malicious trap set by hackers. Which is why it is best to have a reliable AV software on your device, so you can be as protected as possible.

Of course, having antivirus software installed does not mean that you can now be reckless and use your computer carelessly. Make sure to visit reliable and trustworthy websites, as well as to download licensed software from official sources only. Also, don’t open emails from unknown senders, since that’s one of the most used ways to distribute malware.

Nowadays, you can find all kinds of antivirus software available, even for free. Avast is such software. It is a free AV program that promises its users reliable security for their device.

Our team tested this product on a Mac mini (from late 2014, Intel Core i5/8GB RAM/Mojave OS). Here is our report:


  • Free;

  • Almost no impact on system performance;

  • Detected 99 out of 100 malware threats we used in the test;

  • Can be installed on phones and tablets too;

  • Unsafe websites alerts;

  • Blocks unsafe downloads;

  • Stops malicious email attachments;

  • Prevents intrusive web tracking;

  • Wi-Fi Security Scans;

  • Free additional tools like Secure Passwords storage and SecureLine VPN.


  • Doesn’t scan USB files automatically.

One of the most important things a user looks for in the perfect AV software is for the program not to make the system sluggish. In our testing, Avast has shown nearly no system impingement, which is an impressive trait for a free AV in general. As a result of our malware tests, we concluded that Avast is a reliable antivirus software that can provide excellent real-time malware protection. Not just that, but users are able to extend this protection to their phones and tablets, so said mobile devices are safe from malware attacks. This is done via installing the mobile app.

It is important to note that Avast can scan USB drives that are connected on your Mac, but not automatically. Instead, the AV will scan every file on the drive once you’ve opened them.

Avast will stop downloads that are unsafe, block dangerous email attachments, as well as protect the browser from intrusive web tracking. If you’re visiting a malicious site, the AV will alert you so you can avoid danger. The Wi-Fi Security Scan makes sure that your network is secure. However, in the Free version of Avast, there are no instant alerts for when someone joins your Wi-Fi network. In order to get such direct notification, you need Wi-Fi Inspector which is part of the Avast Security Pro package that is available for £49.99 (around $70). If you choose to upgrade to the paid version of Avast, you will also get Ransomware Shield – a tool that ensures your personal data’s security, so it doesn’t fall into the hands of hackers.

The Free Avast Security antivirus comes with additional tools such as Avast Passwords and Avast SecureLine VPN. The first one makes sure that all of your Login credentials are kept in one secure place. You can even use this tool to login from any device that has Avast installed. SecureLine VPN allows you to privately browse the web without being afraid that someone can see your emails, social media messages, or even bank account balance.

In conclusion, Avast Security AV is what you need, if you’re looking for a strong and reliable all-around protection for your Mac devices. Plus, it’s free!

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