Apple’s macOS 10.15 Preview Expected in June

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George Herman
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Apple’s macOS 10.15 preview is expected in June, this year. The upcoming update to the macOS operating system is currently in development, but the rumors about it are quite intriguing.

Presently, Apple is working on a new universal app feature that first appeared in macOS Mojave and iOS 12, and now it will be expanded to iOS 13 and macOS 10.15.

Researchers suggest that Apple is planning to launch the first part of the iOS to Mac SDK in iOS 13 and macOS 10.15, and developers will get the opportunity to port iPad apps to Mac this year.

Next year, Apple will work on allowing iPhone apps to be ported over to the Mac, and by 2021, the company’s aim is letting developers create a single application for multiple platforms. This multi-step multi-year initiative is known as “Marzipan”.

As part of its cross-platform apps initiative, Apple might be planning to include new Music, Podcasts, and Audiobook applications in macOS 10.15, which however, would mean the end of the iTunes app for Mac.

As Apple said that Mojave will be the last version of macOS to support 32-bit apps in macOS Mojave, now the company is expected to phase out support for 32-bit apps in macOS 10.15.

Considering the fact that since 2009, Apple has been naming its operating system updates after various landmarks in California, macOS 10.15 is also likely to continue this tradition.

At this point, there is not more information about the upcoming update, however, some additional details might follow at the 2019 Worldwide Developers Conference.

The official preview of macOS 10.15 is expected to be seen at the 2019 Worldwide Developers Conference, which will be held in June 2019.

Most probably, macOS 10.15 will be introduced as a keynote event during the Worldwide Developers Conference, with Apple providing the new software update to developers for testing purposes. The update will be available for beta testers in the summer.

The official public release of macOS 10.15 is likely to come this fall, after a few months of beta testing and software updates.

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