Apple’s 2019 MacBook Air Uses Slower SSD Than Previous Model from 2018

George Herman
George Herman
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Earlier this month, Apple introduced a ‘refreshed’ version of the 2019 MacBook Air, which now has a True Tone display and an updated butterfly keyboard. The upgraded notebook has the more affordable price of $1,099.

However, the French site Consomac reports that the refreshed version of the 2019 MacBook Air has a slower SSD than the 2018 model. They share that their testing has been conducted via the Blackmagic Disk Speed benchmarking test, through which they compared two MacBook Air devices (with the same specs, but from a different year – 2018 and 2019 respectively), that got the following results:

  • The 2019 MacBook Air (with 256GB of storage) had write speeds of 1GB/s and read speeds of 1.3GB/s.
  • The 2018 MacBook Air (an equivalent model with the same storage of 256GB) had write speeds if 920GB/s and read speeds of 2GB/s.

Consomac’s report also states that the 128GB 2019 MacBook Air showed write speeds of 500MB/s and read speeds of 1.3GB/s, which were similar to the equivalent model 128GB 2018 MacBook Air, as that machine also featured large differences between read and write performance. The French site says that higher capacity SSDs were not tested, but may display the same slight decline in performance.

As previously mentioned, the updated 2019 MacBook Air‘s price starts at $1,099, and can go as low as $999 with educational pricing for students.

It is very possible that Apple decided to opt for a slower SSD in order to lower the price, but that is not a change that the average MacBook Air user is likely to notice, especially if they are upgrading from a much older notebook.

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