Apple Will Soon Present Revamped iPads, Camera-Focused iPhones, and a Larger MacBook Pro

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George Herman
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Apple Inc. has a very busy schedule till the end of this year. In the coming weeks and months, the company is expected to present revamped versions of some of its most important products.

In September, Apple is said to release three new iPhones, featuring a new camera system that has a third sensor for ultra-wide-angle photos and videos. The three cameras will capture three images simultaneously, combining them with the help of a new AI software, for best results. Another new feature worth mentioning is the reverse wireless charging system, a similar version of which can be seen in the new Samsung Galaxy which came out earlier this year.

The iPad Pro is also alleged to get a makeover with an upgraded camera and a faster chipset. Apple consumers are also excited to see an entry-level iPad with a larger screen. Reports claim that the low-end iPad screen will have a 10.2-inch display, ultimately putting that the previous 9.7-inch screen in the past.

Rumor has it, the Apple Watch and audio accessories like AirPods and the HomePod speaker will also get an update. It’s said that the new AirPods will be more expensive than the current model, and that Apple is working on a cheaper HomePod version, since the current $300 one is not selling very well.

The big talks surround the much awaited larger MacBook Pro, sporting an over 16-inch display with slimmer bezzels, making the overall size of the product close to the current 15-inch models. We remind you that the 17-inch MacBook Pro was discontinued back in the 2012, leaving the 15-inch models the largest ones to current date. A good guess is that Apple is trying to attract professional computer users, by launching a MacBook Pro with a large screen again.

The Mac Pro and 32-inch XDR Pro Display will be launched later this year.

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