Apple Will Let Users Resize App Icons on the iPad’s Home Screen

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George Herman
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Yesterday, Apple launched its iOS 13 beta version that features several innovations. Yet, the most intriguing fact about the company is that it is planning a previously unannounced feature which will allow users to resize app icons on their home screen.

Actually, it’d be more accurate to call it “grid layout customization”, as the smaller or larger app icons are a product of adding an extra two columns to the overall grid layout. In any case, Apple named it “App Icon Size” in Settings.

Presently, the new feature is available in the fifth beta of iPadOS, so there is no information whether it will be an official feature of iOS 13 for iPhone. Besides, it is building off a previous change in iPadOS, when Apple introduced the 6 x layout as part of the redesigned home screen.

Thanks to this innovation, users can revert back to the existing standard through the app icon resizing setting, which will let them customize the amount of columns on the home screen between a 4 x 5 layout and a 6 x 5 layout, labeled as “bigger” and “more,” respectively. At the same time, the text beneath this feature suggests that users can only switch between 20 and 30 apps on a single screen.

This is the first time that Apple has let users do such customization on app icons. According to the experts, it would be highly appreciated case where the company has taken an age-old jailbreak feature and brought it to its official iOS platform.

Among the other improvements included in the latest iOS beta version are new wallpapers, more granular volume control options which expand the number of volume levels to a total of 34, as well as the addition of Shortcuts to the iOS Share Sheet for faster user access.

Photo Credits: The Verge

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