Apple Website Content Misleads Users on macOS Catalina Release

George Herman
George Herman
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Apple users thought the long wait for macOS Catalina might be over as soon as the next week, as the company’s website suggested that the major software update might be released on October 4. However, the truth about that turns out to be completely different.

It was the Danish version of Apple’s website for macOS Catalina which first teased that the Apple Arcade service will be available in October: “Exceptional gameplay. Find it in the App Store from October.4 ” (ENG)

Having read this, many people thought there was a possibility that macOS Catalina and Apple Arcade could be released be on October 4th, however, it looks like this is a misunderstanding that provokes fake news.

When investigating the Danish Apple Arcade website deeper, we could see that the number “4” stands at the end of the sentence that says: “Exceptional gameplay. Find it in the App Store from October.4 ” (ENG)

If we click on this “4”, we will be transferred to a list of footnotes where number 4 states: “Apple Arcade and AppleTV+ require a subscription. Apple Arcade is now available on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV and will be available on Mac this fall. “ (ENG)

Considering this fact, we can conclude that October 4th is not the release date of macOS Catalina, but just a misunderstanding which most of the people have come to, due to the number 4 standing next to October.

Earlier this week, Apple launched the ninth developer beta and eighth public beta of macOS Catalina. And while making guesses, the only thing we could do is keep waiting for the actual release date of macOS Catalina to be announced.

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