Apple Teases Launch Month of New Mac Pro

George Herman
George Herman
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During WWDC 2019, Apple unveiled the new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR. The company also said that they will be launched this fall. It is not something unusual for Apple to release Mac products in the end of the year (in comparison, the 2013 Mac Pro and 2017 iMac Pro were launched at the end of December). But it came as a surprise to see Apple’s official page declare September as the launch month for the upcoming products.

The ‘Coming September’ sign can only be seen when you click the ‘Notify me‘ button at page. Astronomically speaking, fall will end on December 20, so the prospect of the products hitting the shops as early as September is a bit unlikely. From the unveiling at this year’s WWDC it was made clear that Apple did not want to overpromise the release of the Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR, since they did not commit to a specific date.

However, if you check the page now, you’ll see a ‘Coming This Fall‘ message, instead of the ‘Coming September‘ copy from before.

There are some users that suggest that Apple did this on purpose, just to tease its consumers and see if they are keeping close attention to the product. But that’s not a very popular theory.

A more possible explanation is that the company made an embarrassing error. Or, maybe Apple planned to announce September as a release month, but backed off at the last minute, not leaving enough time for a proper update from the marketing teams.

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