Apple Sets Next-Day Turnaround Time for MacBook Keyboard Repairs

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Apple set a 24-hour turnaround time for MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboards repairs.

According to an internal memo shared with Apple Store employees, the MacBook devices will be required to be repaired at Apple Stores, instead of being shipped to an off-site Apple repair center.

So, don’t get mad if your MacBook keyboard develops any problems. It will be fixed soon.

Apple claims that until now only a small number of its laptops have had keyboard problems, however, the company insists on a fast repair. Its internal memo says:

Most keyboard-related repairs will be required to be completed in store until further notice. Additional service parts have been shipped to stores to support the increased volume.

These repairs should be prioritized to provide next-day turnaround time. When completing the repair, have the appropriate service guide open and carefully follow all repair steps.”

At this point, no reason for this change has been provided, however, as Apple is famous for its customer satisfaction, the company is probably trying to improve its services.

Over the past few years, MacBooks are prone to sticky keys, so either they become unresponsive or repeat letters.

A month ago, an official Apple spokesman said:

We are aware that a small number of users are having issues with their third-generation butterfly keyboard and for that we are sorry. The vast majority of Mac notebook customers are having a positive experience with the new keyboard.”

Apple’s 1-year warranty is still in effect on both the 2018 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. The company also launched a Keyboard Service Program for MacBook and MacBook Pro that offers free repairs for models going back to 2015.

The affected customers should book an appointment at the Apple’s Get Support page with a Genius Bar or an Apple Authorized Service Provider, who are authorized to complete free repairs under Apple’s service program. If the problem persists, customers may receive a whole new keyboard at an Apple Store.

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