Apple Patent Application Suggests Face ID and Touch ID on Mac

George Herman
George Herman
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A few days ago, European Patent Office published a patent application from Apple suggesting that an unexpected biometric modality could be brought to Mac computers.

Originally, the application was filed with the European Patent Office in 2017, and now it widens the number of features which could be delivered through the Mac Touch Bar from 12 to 106.

One of the most interesting claims is the addition of biometric capabilities to the Touch Bar on the Magic Keyboard. It features Apple standards, such as Face ID and Touch ID, alongside an unusual reference to a retinal scanner.

Due to the fact that retinal scanning is a relatively uncommon biometric modality, it is often confused for other forms of eye biometrics, such as iris recognition.

Despite the patent application suggestions, there is no guarantee that the IP concept will become a market product as Apple could be just covering its bases.

Based on facts in the past, Apple has broken with conventional biometric wisdom before. The company has rotated from Touch ID to Face ID and has been constantly improving its facial recognition platform ever since.


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