Apple Moves Mac Pro Production to China

George Herman
George Herman
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A few days ago, the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple is moving its Mac Pro manufacturing from the United States to China.

Meanwhile, trade tensions between the Trump administration and Beijing are escalating. Due to threats of imposing new levies to cover nearly all imports from China, it is only natural that Apple and other manufacturers are pressured to move their production to the U.S., in order to avoid tariffs.

China is known to be a key market for Apple. It is also a major manufacturing center for the company’s devices.

Apple has tapped Taiwanese contractor Quanta Computer Inc. to manufacture the Mac Pro desktop computer, with production set to be at a factory near Shanghai. This can allow Apple to save on shipping costs for components, rather than having to supply a factory in the United States, given the proximity of many of its suppliers to Shanghai.

Trump has pressured Apple to move the production of some of its devices in the U.S. since his 2016 presidential campaign.

Last year, the Trump administration imposed tariffs on imports from China. Mr. Trump commented that the only way for Apple to avoid price increase for their products, is to make said products in the United States.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Mr. Trump are scheduled to meet for lunch this Saturday at the Group of 20 meeting in Osaka, Japan, looking to revive trade talks.

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