Apple iOS 13.1.3 Update Reportedly Leads to Serious Battery Drainage

George Herman
George Herman
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More problems arise for the latest iOS update. Users report that after they’ve updated their iPhone devices to iOS 13.1.3, their phone’s battery life has dropped significantly, even without them being in use.

After investigating the matter on the Apple forums, it appears that phones from the iPhone 11 line are not the only ones affected by the update bug. Users share their discontent that their devices, going as far back as iPhone 6S, are experiencing an abnormal battery drainage. They also share that they haven’t experienced such troubles prior to the update.

Same problem here, since updating to 13.1.3 (4 days ago) the battery of my iPhone 7 drain in minutes, sometimes to less than 10%, and then reboots. Before the update I never had any problem with the battery life time and I could use the phone the whole day without connecting it to a power supply. (link)

XS (not even a year old) has major battery drain after the iOS 13.1.3 update done on 10/19/19. (link)

I have two 6S phones and they are draining at around 1% per minute after this update! (link)

Same issue with iPhone 7. Updated software to iOS 13.1.3 recently and immediately noticed battery drain. This was followed with phone rebooting whilst texting. Never experienced similar issues previously. (link)

Me too! It even happens to my new iPhone 11 which have been used two weeks before I updated to iOS 13.1.3, the battery is noticeably draining faster than before. (link)

I am charging my iPhone8 3 – 4 times each day since the last iOS update to 13.1.3. (link)

Ever since Apple released the iOS 13.1 beta update ahead of iOS 13 actual launch, users though that there’s something very fishy surrounding the entire update. Then, problem after problem began to appear for some users which decided to update their devices to the new iOS 13 version. In a previous article we talked about the ‘Ultra Wideband Update Failed’ error message, which caused a serious hardware failure to iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models.

Even though this issue does not appear to have affected every user, maybe the best thing for now is to postpone the iOS 13 update, at least until Apple comes out with a solution to the entire iOS 13.1.3 commotion that has been going on.

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