Apple CEO Tim Cook Pledges Aid for the Amazon Rainforest as Fires are Still Active

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George Herman
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The Amazon forest is still in flames, with fires continuing to spread for a fourth week. World leaders met over the weekend at the G7 summit, and decided to pledge a $20 million aid package. Leonardo DiCaprio’s new environmental foundation called Earth Alliance, made a pledge of $5 million in aid for the Amazon rainforest fires.

It appears that Apple CEO Tim Cook is the first tech CEO to extend aid to the Amazon. However, in his tweet posted on Monday, there was no concrete amount specified:

“Apple will be donating to help preserve its biodiversity and restore the Amazon’s indispensable forest across Latin America”

Earlier this year, amid fires which engulfed the Notre Dame Cathedral, he also announced that he’ll be donating on behalf of the company.

Twitter users expressed their rage caused by the lack of attention the fires have gotten at first. They also pointed out how different the news for the still ongoing fires in the Amazon were covered by the media, as opposed to the Notre Dame fires.

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