Apple Adds More to Catalyst to Support Mac Developers

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George Herman
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Apple says that it will add more options to Catalyst and improve the iPad ones to support developers. However, the technology is still in its early days, and there have been some growing pains yet.

“Our vision for Mac Catalyst was always to make it easier for any iPad app developer, big or small, to bring their app to the Mac. This allows them to leverage one codebase and one development team,” MacOS Product Marketing Director Todd Benjamin told Cnet.

“Mac Catalyst gives iPad app developers a huge head start and for many, an opportunity to expand their reach onto the Mac platform that they may not have had before. Not only is this great for developers, but it’s also great for Mac users, who benefit with access to a whole new selection of great app experiences from iPad’s vibrant ecosystem.”

Nevertheless, Apple’s commitment goes beyond just simple ports. The company will continue to move forward as it learns lessons from the launch at the 2019 WWDC.

“For many of the early Mac Catalyst developers, it was their first time ever developing an app for the Mac, and it’s amazing what they’ve been able to achieve in such a short time,” added Benjamin.

“We’re learning a ton from these early adopters, and are planning additional resources and support to help them create amazing Mac experiences with Mac Catalyst.”

As previously explained, Catalyst allows iOS app developers to select one extra option within Apple’s Xcode and have a Mac app generated automatically, however, it won’t be optimized for the Mac in any real way. For instance, last year, Apple launched macOS versions of its own News, Home, Stocks, and Voice Memos apps, and has refined them in Catalina.

“The way Apple revealed it was that it’s checking a box,” Jake Underwood from Moleskine Digital Studio said

“And in a lot of ways that’s true. After the WWDC 2019 keynote, [the team] went back to our Airbnb, checked that box and just saw what happened.”

The developer Pontus Axelsson from Bontouch told Cnet much the same:

“The first step is checking the box,” Axelsson said.

“Then you actually have something you can use, and then you can go ahead and spend as much time as you want making it a great desktop experience and optimizing it.”

So, despite the current flaws surrounding the feature, most developers have a clear vision of using Catalyst going forward to support their work.

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