Word macro Viruses for MacOS

George Herman
George Herman
IT Security Expert

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Word macro viruses usually infect Mac users via applications like Microsoft Office, Excel, and Powerpoint. These viruses are embedded in documents and as soon as users open them, the macros run automatically and cause various problems.

Mac users haven’t had any issues with macro viruses because since when Apple released Office for Mac 2008 it removed the macro support. However, the 2011 Office version reintroduced macros, and in February 2017 the malware came back.

Be aware that if you open a file with macros enabled, it will try to run the python code that could have to perform functions like key loggers and taking screenshots. Also, the virus could even access the webcam.

There is not a big chance for your Mac to get infected this way unless you have received and opened the file referred to. However, as a Mac user, you should be very careful with macros and read the warning that appears on the screen when opening a document containing any macros.

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