Vimeo for macOS Gains Automatic Uploading From Mac Desktop

George Herman
George Herman
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Vimeo has just updated its macOS application with automatic uploading, allowing its users to back up and bulk upload their video files directly to Vimeo in a fast and secure way.

To take advantage of the new feature, Vimeo users on Mac should create a synced folder on the Mac desktop and drop files straight into the folder, which automatically uploads them to Vimeo.

According to the company, if the Mac ever disconnects from Wi-Fi, the upload will pick up where it left off when connection is restored.

Automatic uploading cuts a ton of unnecessary steps out of your process. No more opening up Vimeo in your browser and dragging your files in one by one. No more sitting next to the computer and watching as the status bar creeps forward. No more losing track of which videos have been added. With automatic uploading, you can drop files in a synced folder and get on with your life.”

About a year ago, Vimeo released its first application for macOS, which was aimed at creators who use Apple’s Final Cut Pro video editing software.

The video app let creators export ProRes videos, access video links and embed codes, adjust privacy settings and descriptions of videos, and receive notifications about their video activity.

Now all Mac users get the opportunity to upload video files from their desktop to Vimeo automatically.

The updated Vimeo app for macOS is now available for free download on the Mac App Store.

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