Twitter is Back to Mac with New Catalyst App

George Herman
George Herman
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Earlier this week, Apple launched macOS Catalina to the public, making it easier for developers to port their iPad apps to the Mac. Now it’s time for Twitter to join the club with a brand new Catalyst version of its iPad application.

When Apple announced its plans for Catalyst in June, the return of Twitter to the Mac was a really big deal, and now the app is already available on the App Store.

Actually, anyone who has used Twitter for iPad, must be familiar with Twitter for Mac, as the app features a quite similar interface, apart from some tweaks that help it fit in on macOS.

Besides, there is also support for Dark Mode, which means that the Twitter app will automatically switch between light and dark interfaces based on users’ macOS system settings.

Twitter used to offer a Mac app for several years, however, the company stopped supporting it for the last year, pointing users towards the web instead.

Nevertheless, in a blog post during this summer, Twitter explained that Mac Catalyst will make it easier for the company to support Mac and iOS both:

The new Twitter for Mac app will use our existing iOS codebase, rather than being built from a separate codebase, following the same successful strategy we’ve used with Web to expand our supported clients. By supporting key Mac-specific behaviors on top of our iOS code, we will be able to maintain feature parity across our iOS and Mac apps with relatively low long term maintenance costs.”

Mac users can follow this link to download the Twitter app from the App Store for free.

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