Total AV Antivirus Review

George Herman
George Herman
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When talking about antivirus software for Mac, Total AV is among the most popular applications. Here we made a list of Pros & Cons related to the program, which will help you to decide if this is the right choice for you.


  • Total AV is an affordable application that includes a bunch interesting features. The app costs £22.80 per year for up to three devices (presently discounted to £19.95).

  • The installation of Total AV is easy and there is no requirement to install a kernel module. Usually, antivirus applications require kernel module, but Total AV does not.

  • Total AV offers a full System Scan of your Mac and if it finds any malware, the app offers you either to quarantine them, or to permanently remove them.

  • Total AV includes a System Boost tool which can uninstall apps and remove startup programs, as well as a Disk Cleaner tool that scans for duplicate applications.


  • After performing a full System Scan, Total AV reportedly found only 6 out of 10 malware samples which means that the program was not able to detect all the virus samples.

  • While trying to extract the virus samples from their password-protected archives, there will be a huge limitation. This is because Total AV can’t minimize to a menu bar icon and it has to be running with a Dock icon for protection to be effective.

  • Total AV only offers Quick Scan and System Scan options. This means that the application doesn’t perform a custom scan where you prompt it to scan a particular file, folder or storage device.

  • Total AV includes an ad-blocker for web browsers, however, Safari isn’t included in the list, while the other features offered by the app (a VPN and a password manager, for instance) are paid-for extras.

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