The Next macOS Update Withdraws Support for 32-bit Apps and Games

George Herman
George Herman
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As most of you already know, the next huge macOS update, OSX Catalina, is launching this October. Nevertheless, OSX Catalina also marks the end of an era, as it’s cutting off the support for all 32-bit apps and games on Macs.

The game maker Paolo Pedercini wrote on Twitter that OSX Catalina will essentially ‘kill’ all 32-bit applications. This means that the majority of Unity games running at Unity 5.5 or below will stop running on Macs.

Despite the fact that the news might not be too bad for those who work with 64-bit systems or who don’t care about 32-bit applications, the truth is that OSX Catalina will block a huge amount of apps and games whose developers cannot or who are hesitant to update to modern systems.

Actually, the change doesn’t affect old games only, such as Portal, Bioshock Infinite, GTA: San Andreas, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, etc, but it also includes Adobe’s range editing applications.

As Paolo Pedercini points out, OSX Catalina will block any apps or games which aren’t signed or notarized by certified developers, who should pay $100 a year for this privilege.

The article from MacRumors cited by Pedercini, says that Apple are reportedly moving onto a 64-bit only system so that all Macs are “properly optimised.” This means that 32-bit apps can run on 64-bit systems, but they can wind up a bit clunky or as a serious or noticeable drain on system resources.

Earlier this year, EA announced that they were withdrawing support for The Sims 4 on older machines, including non-Metal macOS machines and 32-bit PC operating systems.

Considering the fact that all macOS machines running Metal are 64-bit by default, we can conclude that EA are pulling the support for all 32-bit systems.

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