President Trump and Tim Cook Discuss Tariff’s Impact on Apple’s Ability to Compete Against Samsung

George Herman
George Herman
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On Friday, Donald Trump and Tim Cook met for dinner. The president commented in an interview with reporters, that the pair discussed how tariffs will impact Apple’s business.

Trump told reporters that Apple’s CEO ‘made a very compelling argument‘ when arguing that it would be hard for Apple to pay such levels of tariffs on Chinese goods, when competitors like Samsung do not.

We remind readers that last week, the Trump Administration decided to delay the introduction of import tariffs on products like the iPhone until December 15, meaning that the new iPhone 11 which is expected to launch in September, will be unaffected by tariff charges. Following this news, Apple’s stocks spiked with around 5%.

However, that does not mean that the September 1st tariffs will be delayed in its entirety. The delay will affect only a number of products, including the iPhone. Unfortunately, other Apple products like the AirPods, the HomePod and some Mac devices will be affected by said tariffs.

We’ll have to wait and see if Apple’s iPhone will manage to evade tariffs altogether, or if the delay will be delayed further than December.

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