macOS 10.15 Expands Apple Watch Authentication

George Herman
George Herman
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Apple is working on expanding Apple Watch authentication beyond unlocking your Mac.

According to a new report, macOS 10.15 will bring a much better integration with Apple Watch, which will be officially announced at the WWDC 2019.

Currently, Mac users can unlock their computers with the Apple Watch, however, the new report claims that Apple will expand the watch authentication to give Macs without Touch ID some of the same features.

Up to this date, the Macs with Touch ID are the MacBook Pro models with Touch Bar and the latest MacBook Air.

“The next major version of [macOS] will allow users to authenticate other operations on the Mac beyond just unlocking the machine with their watch,” some familiar sources with macOS 10.15’s development claim.

The sources suggest that the new Mac operations via Apple Watch will be able to do everything you can presently do on Mac via Touch ID. For that purpose, users interface will probably be launched on watchOS to authorize these operations.

Among the other new features could be the use of iPad as a second display, as well as separate applications for Podcasts, Music and Books leading to the break up of iTunes.

Full details of macOS 10.15 will be announced at the WWDC 2019 which kicks off on June 3 in San Jose.

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