MacBook Concept with Folding Touchscreen Looks Like a Reality

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George Herman
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The developers of Luna Display, Astro HQ, made up a MacBook concept with a folding touchscreen. The innovative display covers the entire interior of the laptop and features Apple Pencil support.

Usually, such concepts are just dreams for the future, however, according to Astro HQ, their version can be assembled immediately.

The company’s industrial designer, Federico Donelli, created a MacBook design whose flexible screen stretches down to where the physical keyboard and trackpad sit on the current laptops.

“Our concept design pushes the Mac and iPad to new boundaries. By enabling touch and Apple Pencil interactions on the display, we’ve created new opportunities for creative workflows that would otherwise be limited by a mouse and keyboard, such as photo retouching or freehand illustration,” Astro HQ stated.

Additionally, Federico Donelli foresees the computer screen turned horizontally, stretched out flat, and turned into a single large screen that can be used as a portable desktop.

In fact, those who are interested in the dual-screen MacBook, don’t have to wait anymore as a rough approximation of one can be made at once.

As already reported, by using Luna Display, the iPad can be used as a second screen for a MacBook.

At the same time, Astro HQ explains that a 12.9-inch iPad Pro placed over the keyboard of a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air immediately makes a dual-screen laptop. So, if you add a wireless keyboard, mouse and Apple Pencil, you can get to work.

Federico Donelli made up this arrangement after he bought a new 13-inch MacBook Air:

“To my surprise, the surface area of my new Mac matched up perfectly with my 12.9″ iPad. That’s when I started imagining creative ways that I could combine them using Luna Display. This setup provides more screen real estate, along with the flexibility to use my iPad for drawing and annotations with the Apple Pencil.”

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