iTunes Store Error Message Shows Up Randomly to iPadOS and iOS 13 Users

George Herman
George Herman
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A significant number of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users complain about experiencing a problem with some Apple services.

The issue is specifically related to the iTunes Store where users are randomly seeing an unknown error message which appears on iOS 13 and iPadOS.

According to the reports, the iTunes Store message shows up on the screen out of nowhere and no one knows the reason why.

The error message displays the following:

The iTunes Store is unable to process purchases at this time.

Please try again later.”

Users say that the error message almost always appears when they try to open any application installed on their device.

Presently, there is no information how many people the error has affected, however, there is a significant number of complaints on Twitter to the Apple Support account on this subject.

At this point, Apple has not commented on the issue, and its Apple Support system status page currently states that all services as ‘available’.

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