iPadOS, iOS 13.1, and tvOS 13 Launching This Month

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Yesterday, Apple has released iOS 13 and watchOS 6, however, there’s certainly a lot more to be revealed as the company is launching more software updates by the end of this month.

This is what Apple has revealed by now.


This year, Apple has split off the iOS update for iPad into a separate software operating system named ‘iPadOS’. iPadOS features some upgrades to the Files app and new multitasking capabilities, such as Slide Over Expose, new productivity text-editing gestures, etc. In addition, it includes all the iPhone iOS 13 features like Dark Mode and the new Reminders application.

According to an Apple’s announcement, iPadOS will launch on September 24, which we suppose to be iPadOS 13.1. Considering this fact, it means that all the Apple Arcade games will also become available on iPad on the same date.

IOS 13.1

As already mentioned, Apple is officially launching iOS 13.1 on September 24. The update will feature many bug fixes as well as reliability changes to address unfixed issues in iOS 13.0. Additionally, the update comes with some new features for iPhone users, such as Share ETA in Apple Maps, new animated icons in the Home app, Shortcuts Automations, and tweaks to the volume HUD.

According to Apple, HomeKit Secure Video (the feature where you can save video recordings from your HomeKit cameras to your iCloud storage automatically) is due to launch before the end of this year.

Among the other iOS features that will be released by the end of this year are Announce Messages with Siri, Screen Time limits for individual contacts, and iCloud folder sharing. The advanced neural network photography algorithms named ‘Deep Fusion’ will be released as an iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro exclusive feature.

tvOS 13

Apple TV is getting its major software update for this year on September 30. The update which will help get the install base of Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K devices ready for the Apple TV+ will be released on November 1.

This update also includes a redesigned Home screen where the Top Shelf becomes a panoramic full-screen background, for applications like Music, TV, and Photos.

In addition, tvOS 13 features multiple user accounts so recommendations and Up Next queues can be kept separate for everyone in the house. There is also an Apple Arcade app, so you can play all the new games on the TV. In case you don’t have MFi controllers, the new software update will let you pair Xbox and PlayStation controllers to your Apple TV.


Apple’s smart speaker, the HomePod, will also be getting some improvements this year. It will be able to recognize multiple voices and offer personalized responses to requests for each user in the house.

In addition, the HomePod will be able to use a new music handoff experience, as well as the new white noise feature named ‘Ambient Sounds’.

At this point though, the only new HomePod feature with a set date is the addition of 100,000 radio stations, which will be live on or before September 30.

macOS Catalina

As most of you already know, macOS Catalina is the biggest and most expected update to Apple’s desktop OS. This year, the Mac is getting several new features, including separate Music, TV, and Podcasts apps, as well as redesigned Photos app, Reminders app, and Find My application.

Additionally, macOS Catalina brings Screen Time tracking to MacBook, Mac mini, iMac and Mac Pro alongside the new feature ‘Sidecar’, which allows you to use your iPad as a secondary display for the Mac desktop.

Despite the fact that Apple has not set a certain date for launching macOS Catalina, the company promised it will be released next month.

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