How to Split Screen on Mac

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George Herman
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For most Mac users it’s hard to imagine that they won’t be able to have more than one window open on their desktop. However, they just don’t know that there is a function which can solve their issue immediately and make their Mac much more useful.

This function is called “Split View” and it divides your Mac monitor into two different halves so you can see two different windows at the same time.

Usually, people use the split screen when they work on research projects or on various assignments requiring more than one source of information.

The good news here is that the split screen mode is available in all new versions of macOS. This is how to make the most of it.

Split Screen on Mac:

  1. Open the Mac windows you want to divide into a split screen. Choose one window to start with, and look in the upper left corner. There are three colored dots: red, yellow and green. They can be used to control the window.

  2. Navigate to the green dot and you’ll see it has two small expand arrows. Just hold down on the green dot, and the window will expand. Contract as much as needed, then slide into one half of your screen. Do not tap the green button because this will put the window into fullscreen instead.

  3. The first half of the Split View is done. After you select the other window you want to Split View, it should automatically shift to cover the other side of your screen. Now you can tap either window to multitask.

Adjusting Split Screen on Mac:

When you split screen on your Mac, you should know that the split view doesn’t have to be a half-and-half every time. It’s up to you choosing which window gets more screen time. This is how you can do it:

  1. Find the black bar in the middle of your monitor. By clicking and holding the bar, you can give either window more space to the right or to the left side of your screen. This option could be very useful if you’re trying to view a large website or a big spreadsheet.


  2. In case you want to see the windows on different sides, just click and hold one window, and drag it over to the opposite side. The two windows will automatically switch their places. Don’t forget to follow the traces of the opened windows as sometimes shifting could be rather confusing.

  3. If the split windows are too small, you can adjust your Mac resolution to help improve the view.

  4. To close the Split View mode, just click on the green dot on either window and the windows will return to their original state.

Now the Split Mode is closed and you can go back to your ordinary browsing activities.

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