How to Go Incognito on Mac

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George Herman
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Have you ever worried that your browsing history could be seen? If yes, you can end up worrying now as this issue can be easily solved. By following the instructions listed below, your browsing sessions will be kept private and your personal data will be secured.

Private browsing in Safari

To keep your browsing history private, you can use the Safari browser for Mac’s version of incognito mode called “Private Browsing”.

Apple has included the private browsing as a feature in macOS and iOS since Safari 5.1 (in Mac OS X Lion) and iOS 5. It works different from browser to browser. In case you’re using one of the most popular ones, just open the File menu and look for mentioning a Private Window or something similar (Shift + Command + N).

When using Safari, you can open a new private window by selecting Choose File > New Private Window (Shift + Command + N). Now you will see a window in private browsing mode.

While using Private Browsing, Safari won’t remember any browsing or search history. Just remember that if you opened a private window, it doesn’t mean that you’ll still be covered if you go back to an old window you had open before. The window is private only when the Smart Search Field is in dark grey color.

In case you open a new tab within the private window, it will also be private. However, if you open another window using the standard File > New Window (Shift + Command + N), the browsing session will NOT be private anymore.

Private browsing in Chrome

Private browsing in Chrome mode is called Incognito, however, the idea is actually the same. Select File > New Incognito Window, or press Shift + Command + N.


You will see that Chrome’s Incognito windows are now different color from its normal ones. This means that you’re currently browsing in Chrome’s Incognito Mode.

Private browsing in Firefox

Select File > New Private Window, or press Shift + Command + P.

You can see that the colors of Private Browsing in Firefox are now different from its normal ones. This means that you’re currently browsing in Firefox’s Private Browsing.

Private browsing in Opera

Select File > New Private Window, or press Shift + Command + N.

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