How to Allow Pop-ups in Chrome for Mac

George Herman
George Herman
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If you need to learn how to enable pop-up windows on your Mac, specifically in the Chrome browser, look no further. This article will help you in this task.

Follow these instructions to allow pop-ups in Chrome:

1. Open your Chrome browser.

2. Select the three dots menu in the top right corner of the browser window, and click on Settings.

3. Choose Advanced from the settings tab. It should be at the bottom of the list.

4. Find the Privacy and security section, and click on Content settings.

5. Scroll down to the Pop-ups and redirects option and click on it.

6. You’ll be shown an option to block or allow pop-ups. To enable ALL pop-ups in Chrome, switch the option to Allowed (the switch will turn blue).

If you want to keep all pop-ups blocked, but make an exception for a particular site only, make sure the switch is turned to Blocked (it will be colored in gray). Then, simply click on the ADD button and choose/enter the website address you wish to receive pop-up messages from.

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