How to AirDrop from iPhone to Mac

George Herman
George Herman
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In a previous article we explained How to AirDrop files from Mac to iPhone. Now it is time to look on things the other way around.

Here’s how to share data from iPhone to Mac:

1. Select the file you wish to send.

2. Press the Share button in the bottom left corner.

3. The AirDrop field is above the social media, message and email icons. There you will see every user nearby that has AirDrop enabled. Simply select the person you wish to receive the file.

4. A message will appear on your Mac, that a user is trying to send you something. You can choose to either Decline or Accept this transfer. Always make sure that you only accept content from people you know.

Don’t forget to make your Mac discoverable for other devices, so the AirDrop transfer is successful. You do this by changing the ‘Allow me to be discovered by:‘ setting from No One to Contacts Only or Everyone, depending on the situation.

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