Google Chrome’s New Dark Mode is Now Available on Mac

George Herman
George Herman
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This new Chrome look is now available for Mac devices running macOS Mojave. The long awaited dark mode is one of the several improvements in the brand new Google Chrome 73. This theme is not to be confused with the Incognito mode, which also shares the same hues.

For now, this is a Mac exclusive only, but it was announced that a Windows version is “on the way”.

How to make Chrome dark mode work on your macOS Mojave

Once you’ve updated to Chrome 73, the browser will automatically change its theme, according to whether or not you’ve enabled Dark Mode on your Mac.

Here is an article on How to use Dark Mode on your Mac.

It is not new for Chrome to offer themes for the browser, but the automation of it here makes it more official and shows respect to the users’ personal taste. So instead of you going back to change the settings manually every time, Google Chrome’s mode will synchronize with whatever settings you’ve set your device to.

Alternatively, if you want to keep Dark Mode on your Mac, but are not a fan of it specifically on Chrome, you always have the option to change it to a color of your choice.

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