Go.coloringmaster.net Browser Hijacker

George Herman
George Herman
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What is Go.coloringmaster.net

If you start to see the Go.coloringmaster.net website whenever you open your browser, you might be in big trouble. The constant redirects you get to this page, accompanied by random pop-ups and ads that keep reappearing no matter how many times you close them, point straight to a browser hijacker infection on your Mac. This malicious software will take over your browsers and control them for its own advantage. What it wants? Your personal information.

How it is distributed

The most common means of browser hijacker distribution includes but is not limited to third-party software, infected links and spam e-mails. Let’s face it, most users are careless when it comes to downloading software. They are too quick to press the Skip button, without giving it much thought about any text that pop-ups on their screens. By doing so, they often miss hidden additional software that will automatically get installed on the device. Another mistake users make is to open emails from unknown senders, especially ones that contain attached files. If you open such attachments, you may potentially give a dangerous virus access to your Mac device. Advertisements have turned into something usual for the browsing experience. Sometimes, people don’t give much thought what ad they click on, being blinded by attractive content to care about virtual safety. Some ad content may lead to dangerous third-party websites that seek to open backdoors to your computer and steal private data.

How it operates

Once the hijacker establishes itself on the victim’s machine, it will be able to do whatever it wants to any available browsers it can find installed. Your homepage can easily get changed to a custom link, and in some cases, a variety of new tabs can automatically open on browser startup. These tabs are also likely to redirect to infected pages. In this particular case, the website you’ll constantly see whenever you open your browser is Go.coloringmaster.net.

Among the other consequences, following a successful browser hijacker infiltration is the presence of shady add-ons, toolbars, extensions, etc. that the victim will have no recollection of ever installing. What’s worse is that once your browser is under the control of this malicious parasite, you won’t be able to browser normally. You’ll get bombarded with ads and pop-up messages, that your browsing experience will be ruined. Lagging will become the norm and any work you want to do online will be impossible.

By falling into such trap and following unreliable websites, your personal data like IP addresses, browsing history, passwords, bank accounts, credit card numbers and other can easily fall into the wrong hands.

Staying safe from Go.coloringmaster.net

Here are some things you can do in order to keep your computer malware-free:

  • Pay close attention when you install third-party software, so you don’t install shady additional applications that you don’t want;

  • Read any Terms and Conditions you see, so you know exactly what you agree to. The last thing you want is to unknowingly give permission to a nasty virus to infiltrate your Mac;

  • Follow links that lead to trustworthy sites only. No matter how attractive that ad is, if you are not familiar with the website it redirects to, it might be best to steer clear of it and not click;

  • Don’t open email attachments from unknown senders. More often than not, such files carry infections that can seriously damage your computer.

How to remove Go.coloringmaster.net Browser Hijacker from Mac

If you’ve had the misfortune of getting your Mac infected with the Go.coloringmaster.net browser hijacker, we can help you to remove it manually. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Go to Utilities. You can do that by using the +⌘+U key combination, or going to Finder and choosing Utilities from the Go main menu at the top.

2. Find Activity Monitor and double-click it.

3. A list will be displayed. Find any processes that seem suspicious to you and use the ‘Force Quit‘ option to quit them completely.

4. Open Finder. Click on the Go button from the main menu at the top, and choose Applications. An alternative way is to use the +⌘+A key combination.

5. Look for any suspicious applications, especially ones with a name similar to Go.coloringmaster.net. If any are found, right-click on them and select the ‘Move to Trash‘ option.

6. Remove any related left-over files by going to Finder‘s search bar and typing the name of the app you want to remove. Make sure to modify the two drop down menus above to ‘System Files‘ and ‘Are Included‘, so that any hidden files are visible for you to remove. Once you find the files you want to remove, simply drag them to Trash.

7. Remove related extensions to Go.coloringmaster.net from your Mac browsers.

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