CAD Files of the New iPhone XI Leaked

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George Herman
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Apple is likely to announce the new iPhone lineup this coming September 2019. These new flagship phones are likely to follow suit of their predecessors and include three different smartphone models under the iPhone XI name. The new phones will be called the iPhone XI, the iPhone XI Max, and the iPhone XIR.

In the past couple of months, a steady stream of rumors has already given us a decent idea as to what we can expect from the California based company this year. And now adding to the rumors is a series of CAD files that give us another glimpse of the upcoming iPhone XI.

You are seeing that right, the new iPhone XI and XI max will have a tri-camera set up accompanied by a flash in a large black box at the top right corner of the phone. The XIR, on the other hand, appears to only have a dual camera set up with a flash, still a big upgrade from the single camera on the XR.

Another important feature (or lack thereof) that can be seen from the CAD file is the notch at the top of the phone to house sensors and the rear-facing camera. Other companies are coming out with notch-less phones, for example, OnePlus, however, it appears that Apple is holding back on that feature to perhaps achieve a seamless solution. Either way, it appears the iPhone XI will have a notch.

However, the CAD renders do not reveal anything under the hood for these three phones. It appears that we are back to waiting for the launch to get to know the specific details and specs of the new Apple 2019 iPhone lineup. 

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