Application.MAC.OSX.Spy Removal

George Herman
George Herman
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What is Application.MAC.OSX.Spy

Application.MAC.OSX.Spy is a typical potentially unwanted application (PUA). This is software which is capable of infiltrating your Mac without any permission and threatens your online security. For that reason, you don’t need Application.MAC.OSX.Spy on your computer and should remove it as soon as you find it’s there.

How is Application.MAC.OSX.Spy distributed

Identically to other unwanted applications, Application.MAC.OSX.Spy usually infiltrates your Mac via fake downloads. For example, if you are updating your Flash Player, the PUA might enter your computer bundled with the update without asking for your permission.

Keep in mind that Application.MAC.OSX.Spy uses software download portals to infect your Mac. Most software download portals use ‘installers’ that bundle potentially unwanted applications with free software to enter your computer. For that reason, you should always download programs from the official App Store and not trust the updates offered by other sources.

Also, if your Mac displays a message that says a virus is found, DO NOT trust it! There is NO website which can determine if your computer is infected with virus or not. Only your anti-virus software can do it. So, the other message is fake and it’s distributing malware.

Another common form of distributing PUAs are disk cleaning applications. They just install on your Mac, set themselves to start automatically on each system startup, and start performing fake system scans which detect many issues. To fix these issues, you have to provide your card details to pay for the license of the program, which may seriously threaten your financial security.

What does Application.MAC.OSX.Spy do

Despite the fact that most of the unwanted applications are not actually dangerous, they can cause chaos into the system. If Application.MAC.OSX.Spy is present on your Mac, it can significantly slow down its performance and make your browser unresponsive to your online activities.

The PUA can also flood your screen with tonnes of useless ads and pop-ups whose main purpose is generating revenue for their creators. Considering this fact, you should be very careful about the software you install on your computer and remove all the unwanted applications as soon as possible.

How to avoid installation of Application.MAC.OSX.Spy on your Mac

To avoid installing PUAs onto your Mac, we advise you to download free software from developers’ websites only and pay close attention to the installation process. Don’t trust Torrent websites or pop-up ads asking you to update software because they could easily deceive you. Also, make sure that you have installed a reliable anti-virus software onto your Mac to keep it safe at all times.

Remove Application.MAC.OSX.Spy manually

  1. Go to System Preferences and select “Users & Groups“ in the opened window.

  2. Choose “Login Items“ at the top of Users & Groups window and select the name of the potentially unwanted application and click on the “” symbol.

Remove Application.MAC.OSX.Spy using Activity Monitor

  1. Click on Launchpad and choose “Other“. Select “Activity Monitor“ from the list of applications.

  2. After the Activity Monitor opens, search for the name of the potentially unwanted application you want to remove.

  3. Double-click on the PUA name and select “Sample”. Search for the line that says “Path“ in the opened window.

  4. Copy the path of the PUA (select the path, then right click your mouse over the selection and click “Copy“), click on any blank space on your desktop, and select “Go” from the top menu.

  5. Select “Go to Folder…“ from the “Go” menu and paste the path of the PUA you previously copied in the opened window.

  6. Drag and drop the file of the PUA to “Trash” and Restart your Mac.

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