Apple’s macOS 10.15 Rumored to Support iPad as a Secondary Display

George Herman
George Herman
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Great display quality is one of the signature traits that Apple products possess. According to rumors, the company is preparing a new feature to launch with macOS 10.15, which will allow users to extend their iPad as a secondary display to their Mac device. Until now, that was possible only through paid third-party solutions.

It is believed that the company is working on a feature named ‘Sidecar‘, developed specifically for such purposes. If this comes out to be true, Mac users will finally be able to send any app window from their Mac to an iPad, or another display of their choosing.

A feature like this will surely be very welcomed by busy people, allowing them to make use of an extra screen on-the-go. Designers will be particularly pleased to have this secondary display support, since it will give them the opportunity to turn their iPads into Wacom-like graphic tablets.

Apple users worldwide expect macOS 10.15 to be revealed during the WDC this June.

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