Apple Will No Longer Run Aperture in macOS After Mojave

George Herman
George Herman
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According to a new document on Apple’s official support website, the photo editing suite Aperture will no longer run after the operating system Mojave:

“In June 2014, Apple announced the discontinuation of development of Aperture. Since that time, Apple has released five major macOS updates. For technical reasons, Aperture will not run in future versions of macOS after macOS Mojave. To continue working with your Aperture photo libraries, you must migrate them to the Photos app included with macOS, or migrate them to Adobe Lightroom Classic.”

The document then continues with a way for users to migrate their Aperture libraries to the macOS Photos app or to Adobe Lightroom Classic.

After the ceased development of Aperture in 2014, Apple removed the software from the Mac App Store altogether in 2015. This action was taken shortly after the launch of the Photos app for Mac.

However, Aperture will continue to function on macOS Mojave for users who have previously installed this app on their devices, though with some performance limitations.

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