Apple Updates its Privacy Website and Takes a Direct Hit at Rivals Facebook and Google

George Herman
George Herman
IT Security Expert

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Apple has built a strong image of a brand, where security and privacy are a top priority. It’s no secret that the big tech company wants to be the top choice for people, who seek to secure their privacy.

With its new iOS 13 release, they also take a direct hit at rivals Google and Facebook. Among other new features (like sign in with Apple), Apple’s iOS 13 now doesn’t allow VoIO applications to run in the background, when not in use. This way, such apps won’t be able to collect any data without your knowledge.

But that’s not all. If you visit Apple’s Privacy website, you’ll be able to see their try at asserting dominance when security and privacy are concerned.

There are no new policies included. Only the visuals are changed, so the user can easily read every section.

But it still is a nice touch, which can make users really think about their privacy. And maybe even make some Android phone users convert to the iPhone.

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