Apple Replies to Trump: We Still Want To Make Mac Pro In The U.S.

George Herman
George Herman
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While Apple‘s CEO Tim Cook said that the company’s goal is to assemble the 2019 Mac Pro in the United States, report suggest that the production of the new model will most likely begin in China.

During yesterday’s call with investors, Cook said that Apple wants to assemble the new Mac Pro in the U.S., just like it did with the previous Mac Pro model. The company even prepared a video promoting it.

Previously, Apple stated that there are no comparable parts that it can get from a U.S.-based plant or other international source. Tim Cook highlights that the US assembly is precisely why Apple has asked for an exclusion from tariffs on importing goods made in China:

In terms of the exclusions, we’ve been making the Mac Pro in the US. We want to continue to do that,” Cook said. “So we’re working and investing currently in capacity to do so, because want to continue to be here. And so that’s what’s behind the exclusions. So we’re explaining that and hope for a positive outcome.”

While Trump denied this request on Friday, Cook remains hopeful.

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