Apple Pauses HomePod Update Due to Claims of Bricked Speakers

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George Herman
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It appears that Apple’s recent update of iOS 13.2 is not going smoothly for HomePod owners. Many of them have written on Twitter, Reddit, and some other forums that the update seems to have bricked their speakers.

According to MacRumors, the problems for some users have occurred immediately after installing the update, while others have experienced “white swirls” after trying to reset the HomePod to fix the issue when the website reported that Apple has pulled the update.

Among the problems, users report that HomePod is not responding to new features, such as voice detection, that is currently not working.

A Reddit user named ValidNull, wrote in a post on the website’s HomePod subreddit that, in talking with Apple Support after resetting his HomePod to try and fix an Apple Music playback issue, he would be sending his speaker to Apple for replacement.

“Apple wants to replace the HomePod as they believe there is no solution to this issue,” he wrote, “So they are suggesting to either take it to the nearest Apple Store or Mail In. I personally went with mail in.”

The Twitter user Christophe Rochez also tried resetting his HomePod after updating it to the new software because it “wasn’t working as expected” and the device got stuck in a white swirl loop.

“This is my HomePod in 13.2 that I wanted to reset because he wasn’t working as expected. No it’s stuck on the white spinning light, rebooting every 6 seconds. Now what?”

In an official support document, Apple recommends that users don’t reset their HomePods after updating to iOS 13.2 on the speaker and, if they do, to contact Apple Support for further assistance.

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