Apple Now Offering Free Data Migration for Mac Upgrades and Repairs

George Herman
George Herman
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Until now, Apple charged its users a $99 migration fee with a new Mac purchase or when their device needs to be replaced due to repair reasons.

TidBITS made an inquiry about this change and was able to confirm it with an Apple Store Operations Specialist:

“Beginning April 2, there will be no cost for Data Migrations with the purchase of a new Mac or Data Transfers with a repair.”

In 2007, a One to One program was available, which served as means to provide help and instructions when needed. The service required a payment of $99 and was at disposal for a whole year. However, the program was terminated in 2015, making Data Migration as a one-time service, available for $99.

To have this service for free is definitely great news for Mac users. If you need to upgrade to a newer Mac or get a replacement for repair reasons, Apple store employees will now help you transfer all your data to the new device free of charge.

Apple also offers a Migration Assistant software for both Mac and Windows computers. This software is a good option if you want to do the data migration yourself, when setting up a new Mac.

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